Micropollutants, such as medicine and pesticides, accumulate in our water systems and it is an emerging global issue. 

This unique and customizable solution effectively removes persistent organic pollutants from municipal and industrial wastewater. It combines Nouryon’s MicrOx™ hydrogen peroxide with the Advanox™ ultraviolet (UV) treatment from Van Remmen UV Technology and delivers clean water back to the environment contributing to the circular economy.


MicrOx hydrogen peroxide - A novel solution for pharmaceutical-free water

With the growing world population, the demand for pharmaceutical treatments is also growing. At the same time, the pollution caused by some pharmaceuticals (also called micropollutants) is an emerging problem. Pharmaceuticals mainly reach the environment through the discharge of effluent from urban WWTP’s. Pharmaceuticals are often incorrectly disposed by consumers into sinks and toilets.

The European Commission (EC) has adopted the Water Framework Directive (WFD, 2000/60/EC) in 2000. The European Union has acknowledged the emerging issues around pharmaceutical-free water and in March 2019 they announced that there will be more focus on a strategic approach to control pharmaceuticals in the environment.


Water quality testing following micropollutants removal using MicrOx™ hydrogen peroxide with the world-class Advanox™ UV technology
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How it works

Wastewater from households, hospitals and industries is discharged into the sewer systems. The WWTP collects the wastewater and removes pollutants. However, persistent micropollutants such as pharmaceuticals remain in the water and are not easily eliminated.

Nouryon and Van Remmen UV Technology have entered into a unique partnership offering a solution that removes the pharmaceuticals using an advanced oxidation process. ​ Once treated, the water can be discharged into lakes and rivers as pharmaceutical-free.

The combination of MicrOx™ hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) with the world-class UV technology (Advanox™) supported by our application know-how, optimized supply chain and global logistics creates a unique one-stop solution for our customers.

Micropollutants removal using MicrOx™ hydrogen peroxide with the world-class Advanox™ UV technology in our lab.

MicrOxTM solution for industrial applications

Our MicrOxTM solution, combined with the Advanox UV reactor, can be successfully applied in industrial water treatment applications where persistent organic pollutants need to be removed, such as cyanide, phenols, azole compounds and phosphates. The advantage is a reliable, safe and fast process with no hazardous waste or decomposition products. Our solution is a perfect fit for water reuse or zero-discharge projects, where the water quality needs to be of high level for reuse in industrial processes.

H2O2 – A perfect match for eco-applications

H2O2 is a versatile product and is widely used in a variety of applications. It is well known as an environmentally compatible product which decomposes into only oxygen and water; it is an essential ingredient in environmental applications like water and waste gas treatment. Our hydrogen peroxide is produced in a sustainable and resource efficient way, evaluated across the entire value chain.

The purpose
• Safeguard water quality
• Protect the environment for aquatic life
• Avoid contamination of soil and underground water reservoirs

Solution facts
• Expected to remove at least 90% of pharma content in wastewater
• Easy and safe to operate and maintain
• Scalable, flexible and modular design

Safeguard water quality protect aquatic life by removing micropollutants using MicrOx™ hydrogen peroxide with the world-class Advanox™ UV technology

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MicrOxTM is a registered trademark of Nouryon in a number of territories worldwide.

AdvanoxTM is a registered trademark of Van Remmen UV Technology.

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