Disruptive chemistry demonstrating cost efficient explosive technology with low CO2 footprint

Harmful emissions challenges sustainable mining

Ammonium Nitrate Emulsion (ANE) is today the dominating explosive emulsion in for example mining and groundwork civil construction with the global demand of ANE in 2023 being approximately 17 million tons.

ANE creates emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and nitrates which are associated with adverse effects on human health. In addition, they cause environmental challenges and result in mining down time and costly ventilation systems.

The harmful emissions are considered a global concern worldwide and stricter legislation and regulations are continually being implemented. Further, the production of ammonium nitrate is predominantly made in processes with high CO2 footprint and with a regionality affecting supply chain security.

The next generation of explosive technology

Hypex Bio, has developed the first commercially available nitrate free emulsion explosive, a new sustainable concept that is available for the mining, construction and civil explosives industries​. This is obtained by using hydrogen peroxide as a replacement for ammonia and nitrate salts as primary oxidizer.

The technology has major advantages over the current ammonium nitrate explosives, both economically and environmentally, reduced need to treat polluted water.

  • Can achieve over 90% CO2 reduction over ANE
  • Possible with zero emissions of NOx, nitrate or ammonia in air or water
  • Safer working environment
  • Less need for water treatment systems
  • Less need for underground ventilation
  • Significantly reduced mining down time

How it works

Hydrogen peroxide based explosive technology is an efficient and flexible concept ready to be used in existing infrastructure. The challenge has been to form an emulsion of hydrogen peroxide that remains stable over time in the demanding environment of a drilling hole. A challenge that was solved with scientific efforts by Hypex Bio and their partners, like Nouryon.

The solution is a proprietary technology in which a specially developed recipe of emulsifiers, in combination with an optimized cold emulsification process, using pumping and mixing techniques that allows for small droplet formation.

The technology has successfully been proven in full scale with results demonstrating:​

  • Equal physical characteristics as current ANE
  • Equal or better blast efficiency compared to ANE

Hydrogen peroxide-based emulsions - in cooperation with Hypex Bio

Nouryon is a world leading supplier of chemicals with a long history of research and development focused on new sustainable technologies that contribute to our customers' strive to optimize production and cut costs. Developing innovative and cost-efficient solutions for our customers that abate pollution is one of our core focus areas.

In cooperation with Hypex Bio, Nouryon is offering safe and reliable supply of hydrogen peroxide, related know-how and services to the next generation of explosive technology. Together we offer a turnkey solution for hydrogen peroxide handling as well as separate services and offerings:

  • Tailor-made hydrogen peroxide grades to meet end user requirements
  • Safe and secure implementation of hydrogen peroxide
  • Technical support prior, during and after implementation
  • Engineering designs and installations
  • System maintenance
  • Safety and regulatory trainings

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Image courtesy of Hypex Bio

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