34% percent of our 2022 revenue came from products in our Eco-Premium Solutions portfolio, reflecting strong demand for products that offer significant sustainability benefits.

What is an Eco-Premium Solution?

Our Eco-Premium Solutions are products that offer significant sustainability benefits over mainstream alternatives in the market while providing the same or better functionality. The sustainability benefits of our Eco-Premium Solutions can include one or more of the following:

» Lower toxicity
» Lower emissions and waste
» Lower energy use
» Improved energy efficiency
» Lower land use
» Improved health/wellbeing effects
» More efficient use of natural resources or raw materials
» Reduced risks (for accidents during production,
transportation etc.)

When is a sustainability benefit ‘significant’?

We classify our products as Eco-Premium Solutions if an underlying sustainability benefit demonstrates at least a 10% lower impact on a given criteria when assessed along the total product life cycle. For example, products that help customers lower their energy consumption may represent
Eco-Premium Solutions based on reduced energy or fuel use.

We also assess whether Eco-Premium Solutions have significant adverse effects on the rest of our classification criteria to make sure they do not.

Our product development processes are designed to drive continuous sustainability improvement in the overall portfolio as products are updated or replaced. Eco-Premium Solutions are a fundamental driver of our sustainability agenda for creating more value from fewer resources, of the products we sell, and of the processes we use to manufacture them.

Eco-Premium Solutions include

- Bio-based polymers
- Dissolvine® M and GL – readily biodegradable chelating agents for more sustainable detergents
- High-performance chelated micronutrients that deliver essential metals to plants, increasing agricultural productivity and crop quality
- Proven high-quality products for asphalt applications, which lower energy consumption for our customers.
- Expancel® thermoplastic microspheres, which reduce paper loss during paper board manufacturing
- Levasil® colloidal silica, which works exceptionally well as a stabilizer, durability enhancer, and strength developer in construction applications
- Polysulfides, as used in double glazing sealants
...among others

ADOB® acquisition - Adding to our innovative crop-nutrition portfolio

Strengthen our offerings in chelated micronutrients and expand our portfolio of products in crop nutrition and other specialty agricultural solutions


Did you know?

Dissolvine® GL (GLDA) and Dissolvine® M (MGDA) green chelating agents are the best replacements for phosphates in most cleaning  pplications and they outperform alternatives such as citrates, gluconates, and zeolites because they form stronger bonds with metal ions.

Dissolvine GL and Dissolvine M combine excellent performance with a superior ecological profile, because they are readily biodegradable and largely biobased.

A closer look...

In 2022, we launched Bermocoll® Flow Cellulose ether, an innovative and sustainable new product that combines the flow and leveling properties of an associative synthetic thickener with the stability properties of a cellulose thickener. 

We also introduced Expancel® HP92 lightweight filler, an innovation that is breaking boundaries for thermoplastic microsphere fillers in high-pressure manufacturing processes for the automotive industry. 

Our LumaTreat® tagged polymer products, launched in 2021, also enjoyed increased attention 2022 with the granting of a US patent.

Thioplast® EPS 35 polysulfide, an innovative solution that enables high-performance coatings and adhesives to withstand harsh environments in the construction, automotive, aerospace, marine, and energy industries. It combines the capabilities of various epoxy modifiers in one product, enabling customers to achieve durable coatings and adhesives while reducing the complexity of their formulations.

Our Adsee® C80W belongs to adjuvant family based on cocamidopropylamines and is readily biodegradable. After years of field trials, it has proven to be the best adjuvant for controlling powdery mildew and early/late blight on fruits and vegetables, providing up to 20% increase in harvestable yield.

More about our sustainable solutions

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