Our product development processes are designed to drive continuous sustainability improvement in the overall portfolio as products are updated or replaced. Eco-Premium Solutions and Eco-Solutions are fundamental drivers of our sustainability agenda for creating more value from fewer resources, of the products we sell, and of the processes we use to manufacture them.

What is an Eco-Premium Solution?

Eco-Premium Solutions are products that offer substantial sustainability benefits over mainstream alternatives in the market, while still delivering the same or superior product performance. When an impact can be quantified, we classify our products as Eco-Premium Solutions if an underlying sustainability benefit demonstrates at least a 10% lower impact on a given criterion when assessed along the total product life cycle.

The sustainability benefits of our Eco-Premium Solutions can include:

  • Improved energy efficiency (consumption)
  • More efficient or lower use of natural resource/raw materials
  • Lower emissions and waste
  • Lower toxicity
  • Reduced risks (for accidents during production, transportation, etc.)
  • Lower land use
  • Improved health/well-being effect

In 2023, 32% of revenue came from our Eco-Premium Solutions.

Female scientist with safety glasses looking at chemical substance

Our Eco-Premium Solutions

Among others, our Eco-Premium Solutions include:

  • Bio-based polymers
  • Dissolvine® M and GL – readily biodegradable chelating agents for more sustainable detergents.
  • High-performance chelated micronutrients that deliver essential metals to plants, increasing agricultural productivity and crop quality.
  • Proven high-quality products for asphalt applications, which lower energy consumption for our customers.
  • Expancel® expandable microspheres, which allow paper and board manufacturers to dose a higher content of recycled fibers without losing bulk in the board.
  • Levasil® colloidal silica, which works exceptionally well as a stabilizer, durability enhancer, and strength developer in construction applications.
  • Kromasil® spherical silica used for high performance purification of APIs (active pharmaceutical ingredients).
A snapshot of biopolymers used in personal care products

ADOB® acquisition - Adding to our innovative crop-nutrition portfolio

Strengthen our offerings in chelated micronutrients and expand our portfolio of products in crop nutrition and other specialty agricultural solutions


What are Eco-Solutions?

We have introduced a new metric for our product innovation pipeline, named Eco-Solutions. These are product and product line innovations that we plan to introduce in the future based on success. They emphasize key sustainability drivers such as whether product innovations in our research and development (R&D) pipeline are bio-based or biodegradable, as these are vital components of product sustainability in our end-markets

Eco-Solutions have either:

  • a sustainable feedstock index greater than 50%;
  • are biodegradable;
  • bring a significant environmental footprint advancement.

In 2023, 74% of our R&D product pipeline included Eco-Solutions.

Natural Demand

Our product innovations are increasingly focused on bio-based, biodegradable, and circular solutions, including natural polymers in Home and Personal Care and cellulose-based raw materials in Paints and Coatings. Other innovations include our range of biodegradable and bio-based products, such as chelating agents, surfactants, and polymers based on natural materials. Many of the products we offer are recognized in our industry for product safety and sustainable benefits, including by EU Ecolabel, Nordic Swan, COSMOS APPROVED, and US Environmental Protection Agency Safer Choice.

In recent years, we received the Cosmetic & Toiletries Allē Award in the category of Base Ingredients for our SolAmaze® Natural. This is a novel bio-based, biodegradable product containing a film-forming polymer that offers superior water resistance and pleasing aesthetics for a broad spectrum of sunscreen applications.

More about SolAmaze® Natural solution

Couple getting homemade facial mask. Formulate high-performing skincare products with our actives, biobased polymers, cellulose gums, emulsifiers and nonionic copolymers, which delivers multifunctional benefits such as thickening, suspension, stabilization and sensory enhancement.

More about our sustainable solutions

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