Helping feed the world

Is it becoming more and more challenging for you to produce healthy crops? Our chelated micronutrients help you improve the yields and quality of your crops. We combine our cutting-edge technologies and unique know-how with your skills and expertise as a provider of products to the agricultural market. The result? The ability to boost productivity and yield while reducing unnecessary energy consumption through sustainable business practices - thereby helping feed the world. We provide building blocks for producing fungicides and herbicides as well as adjuvants and formulation aids. Caring about things like soil, crops, and animals is your core business. Enabling you to grow is ours.

Agricultural solutions 

Products and applications for soil and crop

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Transforming land

Nouryon’s agronomists travel to the world’s most remote places to teach customers and other partners how to transform poor, depleted soil into rich, reusable land through the use of micronutrients–chemicals plants need in order to grow.

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Animal feed solutions

Solutions for improving animal health and feed production

Salt for your livestock

Getting the right amount of highest quality Dutch purified vacuum salt, moisture proof, form-proof and without adhesives such as molasses.

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Micronutrients - helping feed the world

They deliver essential metals to plants to improve crop quality and yields in the poor soils which must now be cultivated in order to feed the world's growing population.

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