The ECCD boasts state of the art equipment, world class experts and over 50 years of experience in solving challenges in the chemical industry.

We provide practical solutions to increase the safety and profitability of your chemical processes. As a result, you will be able to improve your chemical plant control, make your production more sustainable, reduce your costs and get consistent quality of your products.

The core competencies are spread across analytical and materials science, process technology as well as organic and inorganic synthesis. By integrating and sharing the knowledge and experience across these areas we efficiently solve your challenges using our expertise.

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Want to know how we can help you?

We support you in many different areas. Through our analytical knowledge and our business focus we ensure that the R&D time for product or process optimization will decrease, so you can get to the market faster and with a better product. We are ready to support you in developing new sustainable processes using high-end failure analysis to minimize your risks.

Characterization and evaluation of products and processes

We can help smaller companies to solve their R&D questions, so that they don’'t have to invest in expensive equipment and resources. Using our broad analytical knowledge and experience, we can provide your products with product registration, a faster time to market and an increase of product quality.

The interface of synthesis, organic & inorganic chemistry and materials science

By the characterization of your materials we help you to identify gaps and improve your application performance. Through our failure analysis we support you to optimize your products.

Ideation, conceptual design, development scale-up and optimization of processes

We have a proven track record for developing and implementing new industrial technologies and processes, and developing technological solutions to maintain a license to operate. In this way we, in a close working relationship with you, contribute to the debottlenecking of your processes, and realize waste reductions to make your processes more sustainable and profitable.

Competences and techniques

Competences MAS

  • Physical, chemical, and biological analysis
  • Composition, structure, and materials performance
  • Product analysis from trace level contaminants to bulk polymers
  • Design of Experiments, Chemometrics and High-Throughput Experimentation
  • Process analytics & manufacturing efficiency
  • Environmental Testing

Competences PT

  • Chemical reaction engineering
  • Separation processes (incl. hybrid techniques)
  • Mixing and dispersion
  • Modeling (unit, plant, CFD, dynamic control)
  • Physical properties
  • (Electro)Chemistry and catalysis

Competences MMT

  • Organic / inorganic synthesis to control structure and performance
  • Hybrid systems
  • Particle functionalization
  • Polymer processing, extrusion (film, reactive)
  • Corrosion / materials science
  • Colloid science / physical chemistry

Techniques MAS

  • Chromatography (GC, LC, UPLC, SEC, CZE)
  • Resonance Spectroscopy (NMR, ESR)
  • Molecular Spectroscopy (IR, Raman, UV-Vis)
  • Elemental and Functional Group Analysis
    (ICP-ES/MS, titration)
  • Surface Analysis, Microscopy and Diffraction
  • Hyphenated Methods (GC/MS, LC/MS, MCC/IMS)
  • Robotics & Process analytics (NIR, wet color, viscosity)

Techniques PT

  • 50mL-500L(-20/250ºC, FV/100 bar)
  • Reactors, distillation, absortion and extraction units
  • Filtration, drying and membrane units
  • Mixing and dispersion
  • ATEX environment•Modeling tools
  • Techniques MMT

Techniques MMT

  • Well-equipped synthesis laboratories
  • Safe handling hazardous materials (toxic suite)
  • Materials characterization suite
  • Extrusion processing facilities
  • Spray drying, granulation and rheology


The Expert Capability Center Deventer is located at the heart of the R&D center of Nouryon in Deventer, the Netherlands.