Long-lasting waterproofing and cool roof capabilities

The roof of any building bears the brunt of the elements. That’s why it needs all the protection it can get from the baking hot summer sun and the icy winter rains. Enter Expancel for elastomeric cool roof coatings.

Client: Inca
Product: Expancel WE
Application: Elastomeric cool roof coating
Result: enforced long-lasting waterproofing and cool roof capabilities

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Thrice as resilient in the face of severe weather conditions

Inca were looking for a way to develop a coating with incredibly high performance in elasticity to enforce long-lasting waterproofing capabilities. And they wanted to provide a solution that was considerably better than other waterproofing products on offer. Identifying Expancel Microspheres as the perfect ingredient to help achieve their objective, the Expancel experts were brought in to consult.

The supreme elasticity of the microspheres combined with their high compressibility and expansion are key factors in Incatech Total's ability to fill cracks. They help the paint to expand and contract along with the surface and form a protective barrier against water penetration.

With Expancel Microspheres, Inca's waterproofing coating was tested and proved to be 3 times more elastic than their competitors. Offering a solution that is thrice as resilient in the face of severe weather conditions.

Expancel's thermal insulation properties also give Incatech Total benefits that go beyond waterproofing. In warm climates, the microspheres help the coating to reflect sunlight efficiently - a cool roof coating. This decreases surface temperature up to 15 °C, which in turn, brings down the indoor temperature. The knock-on benefit of this is that it helps to reduce energy consumption as there is less need for power-demanding air conditioning.

Coatings containing Expancel has excellent adhesion to surfaces. These include concrete, tiles, masonry, galvanized iron, brick, ceramic and asphalt membranes.

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