Expancel® Microspheres is an integral part in high quality composites

Lantor is a leading developer and producer of nonwoven solutions for, among other things, the composites industry.

Client: Lantor
Expancel DU and WU
Technical textiles and nonwoven composites
Cost-effective increases in stiffness, weight reduction, flexibility and compression resistance.

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Tapping into the power of Expancel® Microspheres

Innovations in processing and applications in the composites industry is causing a constant increase in the choice of material. As a supplier to the composites industry, Lantor works with all kinds of product segments. From wind energy to marine and even supercar manufacturers. And they all demand the same thing: quality of the highest order. To deliver this, they persistently require technical wisdom accompanied with a special ingredient. That's where we come in.

Lantor's relationship with us and Expancel® Microspheres stretches back over 30 years. Saying that we're a trusted supplier is an understatement. They consider us an innovation partner who's integral to their mission of delivering products of immaculate quality, as well as helping them retain their position as a market leader. By tapping into the power of Expancel® microspheres and our expertise, they, in turn, are able help their customers develop their products using the latest processes. Plus, create new applications.

Two galvanizing factors for composite part designers and manufacturers are sustainability and energy saving. For Lantor, achieving this wouldn't be possible without Expancel® microsphere's amazing properties. Used in each of Lantor's patented products, Coremat® and Soric®, our microspheres bring several advantages. These include cost-effective increases in stiffness, weight reduction, flexibility and compression resistance. Not to mention the ability to produce excellent surface finishes. Expancel® microsphere's versatility is suited to a variety of manufacturing processes which enables Lantor composite materials containing our microspheres to be used in wind turbines and a wide range of pleasure vessels from small sailing boats to huge motor yachts.

Looking ahead, Lantor's aim is to keep on winning in the composites industry. So, it goes without saying they have no plans on changing a winning team. With our profound, shared knowledge we believe in the same vision for the market. We have no doubt that the future will bring new, exciting innovations in products and applications. That is something both of us very much look forward to.

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