Bermocoll and Bermocell cellulose ethers are used as thickeners, stabilizers and water retaining agents for water-based paints

Our Bermocoll non-ionic cellulose ethers are available in a wide range of viscosities and a variety of associative grades – everything to enable our customers to choose the required rheology profile for their paints. Bermocoll is used in textured paint, flat paint, satin paint, semi-gloss paint and multicolored paint. 

Bermocell is a high-quality CMC (sodium carboxymethyl cellulose) that is widely used in waterborne paints. Our special grade Bermocell 30000 has a pH-controlled dissolution behaviour. Bermocell is perfect in paints with very high pH such as silicate paints. 

Children playing in in a white painted playhouse in the garden. Nouryon’ s portfolio included thickeners, stabilizers, water retaining agents, lightweight fillers and more for water-based decorative paint and coating formulations.

Expancel Microspheres for high quality, long-lasting, lightweight paint 

Using Expancel Microspheres as a lightweight filler in paint will shorten the drying time, introduce a matting effect and provide good filling on uneven substrates. Plus, the low density of the microspheres will reduce the weight of the paint even with small dosages. Expancel Microspheres will also reduce the need for solvents in solvent-based paint – leading to a reduction in VOC emission. For lighter, real quality and longer-lasting paints. 

Levasil the natural choice when making the switch from solvent borne to waterborne

In addition to allowing for paint with a good dirt pick-up resistance and prolonged open time, Levasil Colloidal Silica is a natural solution that can reduce drying time and improve early rain resistance. The result: coatings that look better, apply more easily and last longer. 

Man painting a window frame in white. The so-called open time of a paint is what allows you to go back and make final touches without getting unwanted stroke marks, Levasil colloidal silica can be added to a paint formulation to improve open time.

Effective wetting agents and surfactants for colorants that will add stability to your formulation and minimize production time and cost

In working with us, you’ll gain access to non-ionic surfactants, cationic surfactants and fatty amines and specialty polymers that are used in the in final formulation of paints and coatings, during the production of resins, and as constitutive building blocks for the tailoring of properties. We offer a selection of high-performance wetting agents and dispersants that will bring out the most in your paint. They contribute in several ways to improve paint quality: 

  • Increase color acceptance in tinted paints 
  • Increase hiding power 
  • Reduce pigment agglomerates 
  • Improve scrub resistance 

Our main brands are Berol, Amadol and Ethylan.

Paint cans and brushes. Nouryon offers a selection of high-performance wetting agents and dispersants that will bring out the most in your paint. They contribute in several ways to improve paint quality for example to increase color acceptance in tinted paints.

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