Adding Levasil® colloidal silica into your silicate paint formulation allows you to improve durability, weather resistance and anti-soiling properties

Potassium silicate in combination with colloidal silica is the main binder in sol silicate paint. With Levasil® products we offer biocide-free or low biocide solutions. Colloidal silica reduces alkalinity, lowering the pH and solubility of the binder, hence improving the weather resistance of the paint. Furthermore, it helps minimize internal stress, improve film properties and adhesion, otherwise a potential problem in inorganic coatings.

The anti-soiling properties of the sol-silicate paints are a result of colloidal silica making it very hard for dirt to adhere to the painted stone or masonry. All this gives your inorganic coatings qualities that secure longer lasting protection and color.

Read more in this published article with a short summary of our study: Use of surface modified colloidal silica in 1-pack sol-silicate paints

Bermocell is a high-quality CMC that can be used to create thicker water-based paints with excellent storage stability

Bermocell CMC (sodium carboxymethyl cellulose) is perfect in paints with very high pH such as silicate paints. We are extra proud of our special grade Bermocell 30000 that has a very fast, pH-controlled, dissolution behavior. It has improved rheological properties and at the same time is a stabilizer and water-retaining agent. This grade is easily dispersed in cold water at pH8 or less. After dispersion the pH should be increased to a level of 10 or higher to achieve complete dissolution.

Performance advantages:

  • Perfect dissolution properties for high pH
  • Increased water retention
  • Efficient thickening and good stability

Our Bermocell and Levasil products can be advantageously used together in your silicate paint formulation.



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