Dispersants and wetting agents are key additives to produce high quality colorants with good stability and color acceptance

We take quality one step further, adding values like reliability and efficiency to the colorant production. Our expertise within surface chemistry has enabled us to specialize in universal colorants where the demands on the formulation are the highest. We are proud to offer complete solutions for organic, inorganic and carbon black pigments which can help to reduce raw material complexity. 

Our products will enable reduction in production time, energy cost in the milling step, and pigment load leading to excellent color acceptance, minimal influence on viscosity of base paints as well as excellent compatibility in both water borne and solvent borne paints.

Our main product brands include the additives Phospholan®, Alcosperse®, and Amadol®.


Street of colorful houses at a canal street. Dispersants and wetting agents are key additives to produce high quality colorants with good stability and color acceptance.

Expancel® for printing inks will achieve surface effects of the highest quality without compromising on your process

Using Expancel® microspheres in printing ink lets you create your desired surface effect on textiles, wallpapers, polyester film and much more. Our microspheres let you create 3D surface effects by heating the print to a temperature where the microspheres expand - before curing and drying the ink. Expancel's unexpanded microsphere products are designed for waterborne and solvent-borne formulations as well as PVC plastisols. 

Levasil® for pigment dispersion

The small size of Levasil® colloidal silica particles allows them to be used as a dispersant in some applications. The particles act as a physical spacer, preventing re-agglomeration, and help keep the dispersed material separated by adsorbing on the surface. This is particularly useful to formulate highly concentrated, long-term stable, surfactant-free dispersions of pigments. 

indian fabrics tained in many different colors, decorated with golden and silver embroideries

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