A truly versatile ingredient, Levasil® colloidal silica enhances the performance of a wide range of industrial coatings

Our Levasil® products are used to increase corrosion resistance, paint adhesion and scratch resistance for metal surface treatment and metal coatings. Colloidal silica will also reduce magnetic losses when used as a binder in insulation coatings and increase efficiency in electrical steel applications. At the same time, colloidal silica is successfully facilitating the conversion from Cr VI to Cr III in electroplating industries. 
For zinc-rich and shop-primer coatings, Levasil® colloidal silica is an excellent binder for producing mechanically stronger coatings that possess excellent welding properties, as well as resisting damage and corrosion. These protective coatings provide ideal protection for steel used in construction.

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Organic peroxides for resins 

We offer a wide range of organic peroxide initiators that can be used for acrylic polymer production used in solvent and water-based coating resins. Our product portfolio includes peroxides and azo initiators, which cover all major applications. 

Thioplast® liquid polysulfide polymers

Our Thioplast® EPS resins have been specifically developed for use in high performance coat­ings and adhesives formulations for indoor and outdoor use. The epoxy-terminated polysulfides increase the adhesion to substrates, enable low-temperature flexibility and improve chemical resistance.

Polyamine curatives for epoxy coatings

Our Duomeen®, Triameen®, and Tetrameen® products offer epoxy curative formulators a unique opportunity to add specialized functionality to epoxy systems enhancing the quality of cured protective coatings over what can be achieved using industry standards such as polyamides or polyamidoamines by themselves. Low color, low viscosity, VOC-free, bio-based, and water-soluble versions are available with varying degrees of reactivity.

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Non-stick ceramic coatings with colloidal silica 

Our Levasil® colloidal silica contribute to a strong and dense layer, and minimize layer porosity as well as improve abrasion, scratch and corrosion resistance.

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Levasil®, Thioplast®, Duomeen®, Triameen®, and Tetrameen® are registered trademarks of Nouryon in several countries worldwide.

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