A broad range of products for multicolor paints (MCP) with sand 

Multicolor paints (MCP) with sand as facade finish is becoming more and more popular as it simulates natural stone. This is also a very lightweight solution which makes construction easier compared to real stone, unlike traditional stone paints. MCP with sand decreases the reliance on colored sand resources to a great extent and hence leads to lower environment impact from mining.

We provide a broad range of thickening and suspension solutions to MCP formulations, including base paints, hectorite solution (protective colloid) and continuous phase.

  • Bermocoll® EHM 500– an associative cellulose ether that gives superior gel strength for colored droplets
  • Expancel® 921 WE 40 d24 – microspheres that improve the suspension of the colored droplets with sand
  • Finnfix® 4000G - anionic cellulose ether extremely suitable to thicken hectorite solution, facilitate making of color droplet and suspend colored droplet with sand
  • Alcogum® L 350 and Alcogum® L 344 rheology modifiers in continuous phase for thickening and storage stability

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Wall painted with multicolor paint
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Benefits & versatility

Adjustable gel strength, enabling different textures

Improved gel strength versus competitive alternatives

Effectively prevent color migration from droplet

Superior storage and transportation stability

Bermocoll® cellulose ethers in base paints

Bermocoll®Cellulose ether is an essential ingredient to MCP formulations. Apart from thickening the base paints, cellulose ether interacts with hectorite, which greatly impact on size, shape, hardness and color migration as well as storage stability of colored droplets through gel strength for base paints. MCP droplet properties are governed by the structure and gel strength, inside the matrix, cellulose ether chemistry plays a great role in this aspect, including type of CE (hydrophilic/hydrophobic), substituents (chemistry, degree of substitution, distribution) and chain length/molecular weight.

Close up - wall painted with multicolor paint

The unique properties of Expancel® microspheres in multicolor paint

Expancel® microspheres are incorporated into base paints to improve the suspension of the colored droplets with sand. The addition of microspheres gives a lightweight paint compared to traditional stone paint, thus resulting in lower carbon footprint due to energy savings and consumption reduction.

Adding 1% Expancel® microspheres to base paint of MCP with sand, can decrease the density of the base paint from 1.4 kg/l to 1.26 kg/l. Additionally, it brings many benefits, such as reduction in finished paint consumption per m2 from 1.2 kg to 1.1 kg.

House painted with multicolor paint

Finnfix® 4000G cellulose ether in
hectorite solution

Finnfix® 4000G is an anionic cellulose ether (CMC) extremely suitable to thicken highly ionic systems. Finnfix  4000G cellulose ether in hectorite solution improves gel strength and thixotropy. This facilitates color droplet production with dispersion disc method, prevents color migration from droplets and improves the suspension of color droplets. Colored droplets with sand is highly recommended.

Alcogum® rheology modifiers in continuous phase

Alcogum® L 350 and Alcogum®L 344, HASE rheology modifiers, are able to efficiently thicken the continuous phase and improve storage stability of MCP, as well as ensuring good clarity for wet paints and water whitening resistance for dry film.


Multicolor paint mixture in bucket

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