Delivering VOC-free, freeze thaw stability to waterborne latex and coatings

Ethylan EF-60 enables low-odor, safe formulations for premium grade waterborne paint products — enhancing appearance without compromising performance or finish.

Ethylan® EF-60 in Action


  • Freeze thaw (FT) stability for waterborne latex architectural paints
  • Freeze thaw stability for waterborne latex applications for
    adhesives, textile coating and inks
  • Open time extension for water borne applications such as
    coatings, adhesives and inks


Key Benefits

  • APE and VOC-free – compliance to ever-increasing
    environmental regulations
  • Freeze Thaw stability
  • Lower odor compared to solvent borne FT agents
  • Maintains open time to impart processability
  • Better pigment wetting and dispersion compared to traditional
    FT agents
  • High efficacy allows formulators to access VOC-free FT
    performance for a wide range of waterborne formulations 


Download the technical bulletin for more information.

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