In thermoplastic processing, Expancel microspheres' uniform, closed cell structure results in a stable, controlled foaming process and is a phenomenal blowing agent on its own or combined with a chemical blowing agent.

Our microspheres can be used in applications with process temperatures up to 235°C (455°F). It can be found in PVC, TPR, TPU and rubber - across a wide range of thermoplastic applications. The advantages it delivers will help you achieve lighter products with higher quality in thermoplastics.

  • An easy flowing matrix enhances expansion capacity enabling low density even at low addition levels.
  • Low in density and weight with up to 40 times in volume comparing to other materials.
  • Aesthetically appealing, matt rubber finish.


Expancel DU and Expancel DE are highly suited to help produce lightweight plastic automotive interiors and are used to reduce weight and dampen sound.

Our Expancel DU products are used in the production of automotive weather strips for low weight and to improve sealing.

Expancel DU and Expancel MB allows you to produce low weight shoe soles and at the same time achieve a very important factor during the foaming process – control.

Thermoplastic processing methods with Expancel

No expensive equipment or licensing necessary. Just add Expancel.

  • Injection molding - add Expancel microspheres to the mix and easily achieve density reduction levels between 10-30% in injection molding.
  • Extrusion - usable in almost every type of extrusion line, our microspheres help you reach perfect expansion in profiles, hoses, sheets, cables and more.
  • Thermoforming - expanded microspheres withstands the thermoforming stage to give you a brilliantly foamed product. Both thin and thick sheets foamed with Expancel leads to feasible thermoforming of e.g. PS and PP.
  • Blow molding - make foamed parts with blow molding processes but note that adjustments might be necessary on blow pressure to reach low densities.
  • Calendering - produce beautifully foamed sheets of e.g. PVC in calendaring processes.


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