Your safety, our priority

We are recognized as a global leader in safety services. Our proven success in safely handling hazardous materials is due to our long-term commitment to safety. 

Our products have been handled safely on a commercial scale for many years despite the hazards associated with their reactivity. Our commitment to safety is enhanced by our knowledge of proper handling techniques, carefully designed facilities and thorough training of personnel.

As a final safeguard, in the unlikely case you are confronted with an emergency situation, we have a 24/7 year-round service to provide you with adequate advice in your local language.

Sharing our expertise - online safety trainings

With decades of experience, we pride ourselves on being a global safety leader in specialty chemicals. We are now offering an interactive online education program that covers the most current safety practices when handling our thermoset, crosslinking, metal alkyls and Expancel products.

Our trainings are available in 12 languages such as: Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and Korean in order to support our customers in installing best possible practices globally.

Do you want your employees to understand hazardous properties, proper storage techniques and how to safely use our organic peroxides, metal alkyls and Expancel expandable microspheres? Please ask your Nouryon representative to get you and your employees enrolled in our safety training course.

Organic peroxides

Organic peroxides can be thermally unstable compounds which can decompose at relatively low temperatures. However, they can be handled and stored safely if proper precautions and procedures are followed.

As the recognized leader in organic peroxides safety, we are committed to sharing our expertise and providing unique safety services for our customers and distributors. 

Safety services
Our safety experts have accumulated an immense amount of knowledge on the safe handling, storage and processing of organic peroxides and metalorganics, which we share with our customers as an integral part of the services we provide.

We also provide support by providing:

  • global emergency response hotline (24/7)
  • in-house, on-site and online training
  • custom guidance on safe storage design
  • dosing system design
  • safe handling and operational advice
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Metal alkyls

Metal alkyls and metalorganic substances can be highly reactive compounds. Many concentrated metal alkyls and aluminoxanes or their solutions are pyrophoric, meaning they ignite spontaneously upon exposure with air. In addition, metal alkyls and aluminoxanes can react violently with water.

However, metalorganics can be handled safely with the proper knowledge of handling techniques, carefully designed facilities and thorough training of personnel using written procedures. Properly trained personnel can give proper attention to these compounds in order to handle them confidently and safely.

Unique safety research laboratory
The safe handling and storage of organic peroxides and metal alkyls is only possible if the specific properties for these products are known. For this reason, we have a world-class research and development facility in Deventer, the Netherlands, where we perform extensive safety studies. Through vigorous testing and an in-depth knowledge of the products we manufacture, we can develop safer products and innovative packaging.

Operator connecting metal alkyls cylinder. We maintain a fleet of cylinders, portable tanks, ISO containers, tank trailers and rail cars designed for the shipment of metal alkyls and organometallic specialties. We also offer unloading procedure trainings.
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Expancel® microspheres

Expancel® dry microspheres is a free-flowing, lightweight powder. As with any such powders it is important to avoid dusting. This can be done with knowledge, safe routines and the right tools.

During our 40 years on the market we have accumulated a vast experience on how to handle our products. We have developed tools that make it easy; and we can provide our customers with the knowledge to handle Expancel® microspheres safely and efficiently. Our safety portfolio contains:

  • handling systems developed by us
  • recommendations and guidelines
  • safety visits
  • videos
  • online training

Monochloroacetic Acid (MCA)

MCA is a toxic and corrosive organic acid that must be treated  with great caution.

We offer extensive technical service and advice. Training and instruction are indispensable to guarantee safe handling. As an expert in the field of MCA for over 50 years, we have established safety procedures for handling and storage of the products. Contact our Technical Service team for specific information and safety training on site.

 All our product forms are available in all ranges of quality (DCA content).

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For more information about safety services, trainings etc., please contact our experts. We look forward to hearing from you.

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