Nouryact cobalt-free accelerators

Butanox® M-50 is commonly used for room temperature cure of unsaturated polyester and vinylester resins and is always used in combination with a metal accelerator, often Cobalt, like for example our Accelerator NL-49PN which is a 1% Cobalt solution. Cobalt carboxylates however are subject to ECHA reclassification and may become a SVHC in due course.

Nouryon has a Cobalt-free accelerator portfolio already for years under the name Nouryact® which is commercially available.

This portfolio has been thoroughly tested and proven suitable for use in combination with our organic peroxides for room temperature cure of all standard available UP/VE and also the styrene free and acrylic modified hybrid resins.

Nouryact Cobalt-free accelerators are for direct use in a standard cure system as replacement for the Cobalt you are presently using. In case you need more freedom to formulate your resins to a Cobalt-free resin there is the option to use the underlying technology for making Cobalt-free resins. This is what BluCure is about. The BluCure technology is licensed out to resin manufacturers to enable them to formulate their resins to a Cobalt-free resin with the maximum degree of freedom to formulate the reactivity and stability. The BluCure seal is an additional option for labelling your end product and clearly mark it as Cobalt-free.

If you are interested in the Nouryact Cobalt-free accelerators or in the BluCure Cobalt-free resin technology please contact your local Nouryon account manager for additional information.

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