We’re looking for tomorrow’s Changemakers, today. To identify future Changemakers, Nouryon offers an Internship Program at many of our locations.

This initiative provides interns with valuable real-world experience, leadership skills, and the chance to present their findings to Company leaders. Successful interns may be evaluated for future employment based on their performance. This program supports interns while also enhancing Nouryon's employer branding and strengthening our talent pipeline.

Additionally, Nouryon's 2023 Global Mentorship Program provided a platform for employees to engage in reciprocal learning by either becoming a mentor or a mentee, thereby fostering professional growth and development. This program includes learning segments and virtual seminars that facilitate knowledge exchange and skill enhancement. Mentors and mentees schedule regular meetings, promoting continuous learning and development. The program also encourages cross-functional interaction, broadening the participants' perspective of the organization. This mentorship initiative is a testament to Nouryon's commitment to nurturing talent and cultivating a culture of continuous learning and improvement.

Cultivating Nouryon changemakers with internship and mentoring programs

Cases - Engaging people, partners, and society

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