Nouryon continuously assesses investment opportunities in emerging and sustainable technologies that have the potential of becoming a disruptive force in our addressable end-markets, including those of our Agriculture and Food business line.

In late 2022, we invested in AGEYE Technologies, a company with offices in Raleigh, North Carolina, US, and Bangalore, Karnataka, India, that is developing an automation platform for indoor farming with potential to transform the sector.

AGEYE’s next-generation digital platform uses artificial intelligence to turn visual inputs into crop-growth-development insights and autonomous actions that improve the predictability and profitability of harvests for growers. It combines the principles of plant eco-physiology and precision farming to maximize plant growth rate, development, morphology, physiology, and ultimately improvement of crop yield, phytochemical content, and flavor. We will bring our extensive global reach in serving fertigation and hydroponics applications with micronutrients and specialty fertilizers as well as our expertise in crop protection and crop nutrition to the collaboration. These will further enhance AGEYE’s precision farming technology to optimize indoor growing at scale for growers, supported by our shared vision of advancing the sustainability of the rapidly growing market of indoor farming.

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