Reducing weight in underbody coating and seam sealant, without compromising coating performance

Innovative lightweight materials are in high demand from the automotive industry to meet increasingly strict emission regulations and strong consumer interest in fuel-efficient vehicles that do not compromise on performance or passenger comfort.

The new Expancel® HP92 microspheres filler is combining lightweight with performance, making it ideal as an automotive underbody coating and seam sealant filler. In vehicle applications, it will significantly reduce weight while providing excellent coating and elasticity performance.



Expancel® HP92 microspheres

Ultra lightweight

Up the volume without adding weight.1% of Expancel® microspheres reduce density by up to 46%



Stable under pressure

More than 4 times better recovery after pressurization compared to a legacy microsphere

Strong protection

Closed-cell structure and high elasticity performance provide long-lasting protection against environmental influences. 

Low equipment wear

The soft and flexible microspheres cause almost no wear on high-pressure spraying equipment

Optimized for high pressure applications


Underbody coating and seam sealant are essential in reducing noise and protecting the vehicle underbody against environmental influences.

During storage, pumping, and spray application processes up to 350 bar (5076 psi) of pressure can occur. Current thermoplastic microsphere fillers fail during these conditions, resulting in increased density and poor surface finish.

The new Expancel® HP92 microsphere's exceptional stability allows for more than 4 times better recovery to its original shape after pressurization than a legacy microsphere, even in DINP.


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