Enhancing the cleaning and disinfecting power of products for industrial and institutional cleaning applications

From hospitals and schools to oil rigs, factories and foundries, we have the ingredients and formulations to put more muscle into your cleaning and sanitization products.

Achieve remarkable heavy-duty cleansing, degreasing and disinfectant performance from our extensive portfolio of products – ranging from high alkaline, solvent and acid-based formulations to all-purpose hard surface cleaners. 

Our biocideschelates, synthetic polymers,  cationic surfactans and fatty aminesnon-ionic and anionic surfactantscolloidal silica, and hydrogen peroxide are helping formulators create safer products for mechanical dishwashing, biocidal detergents, disinfectants, hard-surface cleaning, industrial laundry detergents, instruments and metal cleaning, transport cleaning, as well as sanitization of equipment for food and dairy process. 

Check out our sustainable solutions (green chelates, surfactants and polymers) and our novel polymeric thickening agents for alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

We are proud to be one of the world's leading industrial companies. By combining expertise, process technology and application know-how, we can help solve your application challenges no matter where you are in the world. We can also offer a tailor-made solution to every application and function in the Detergent Industry.

Contact our experts today to find more about our technologies and how they can address your most challenging formulations.

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Featured applications for industrial and institutional cleaning

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