Create clear, viscous gels for both ethanol and 2-propanol based formulations for use as hand sanitizers with our new polymeric thickening agents

Hand sanitization is one of the principle methods recommended for tackling personal hygiene in the current health crisis. Alcohol-based sanitizing fluids containing >60v/v% alcohol (ethanol or 2-propanol) are known to be effective against pathogenic bacteria and viruses 1,2.

The unprecedented global demand for hand sanitizers (in particular the clear gel types) has stripped the supply of the inert thickening ingredients used to create such sanitizer formulations. Nouryon presents two new thickening ingredients that can be used by formulators to create such gels and increase the market's supply of these essential products.

Helping hand sanitizer formulators differentiate with essential ingredients

Our new polymeric thickening agents for alcohol-based hand sanitizers enable formulators to create quick, easy-to-prepare formulations to enhance personal hygiene. 

Structure® 2020 - principle benefits

  • Low viscosity emulsion polymer, ready to use
  • Liquid product easily disperses into alcohol solution with stirring
  • Polymer thickens and clarifies upon neutralization with TEA or AMP
  • INCI name: Acrylates Crosspolymer-6

Structure® 2020 - benefits    Download literature


Celquat® SC-230M - principle benefits

  • Granular, free-flowing powder
  • Swells and thickens upon addition to alcohol with stirring, no neutralization required
  • INCI: “Polyquaternium-10”

Celquat® SC-230M - benefits    Download literature

Hydrovance® moisturizing agent

Provides excellent moisturization, increased skin elasticity as well as an outstanding sensory to the formulation.

For formulators who are looking to differentiate themselves within the now crowded space of hand sanitizers, we have focused on areas of key concern for formulators and hand sanitizer users such as over dry skin caused by increased application frequency of high alcohol content products.

Our Hydrovance moisturizing agent delivers moisturization efficacy which is comparable to the leading benchmark while offering a non-tacky, non-greasy aesthetic in skin care products. Moisture enhancement has been observed when compared with typical humectants such as glycerin, manifesting longer lasting moisturization effect. It also offers a pleasing sensorial experience and safety to skin and eye, giving consumers a hand sanitizer formulation which is safe and comfortable for frequent use.

Hydrovance®    Product literature 

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