Solutions for safer, efficient and more sustainable household cleaning products consumers rely on every day

From kitchens and bathrooms to garages and cars, we provide formulators with the solutions they need to develop high-performance specialty cleaning products.  

We offer an ever-growing portfolio of sustainable, bio derived, RSPO MB and third-party certifiable ingredients to keep your household cleaning products closer to nature without sacrificing performance.

Our technologies – including chelating agentshybrid polymerscationic surfactans and fatty aminesnon-ionic and anionic surfactantscolloidal silica antimicrobials, hydrogen peroxide, celullose ethers, and sodium hypochlorite -- are suitable for anything from gentle cleansing to heavy-duty degreasing. 

Check out our new sustainable solutions for a variety of cleaning applications and our novel polymeric thickening agents for alcohol-based hand sanitizers

Green Chelates


Formulators in the cleaning industry are being challenged to develop new products with no risk to people or the environment. One of the key challenges is finding replacements for phosphates, which has served for many years as metal ions removers from hard water when added to cleaning formulations .

Readily biodegradable, Dissolvine® GL (GLDA) and Dissolvine® M (MGLDA) chelates are the ideal replacement for phosphates. They also outperform other alternatives such as citrates, gluconates, and zeolites in several applications – from detergents and hard surface cleaning to automatic and mechanical dishwashing.


Solutions for safe and powerful disinfection 

Our exceptional biocides product knowhow is based on decades of expertise with fatty-amine based chemistry, which allows us to provide active ingredients to manufacturers of disinfectants for home care with proven biocides, effective against a variety of biological organisms, including enveloped viruses like coronavirus. 

Our hydrogen peroxide is an effective disinfectant to remove mold and can be also applied to prevent and kill bacteria including salmonella. It is commonly used to clean carpets as it eliminates germs by disinfecting areas as well as neutralizing odors.

Featured applications for household cleaning