How to improve the properties of recycled Polyethylene

Our products enable recyclers to produce higher quality products, the converters to meet demanding recycled content targets, and the recycling industry to grow further.

Polyethylene (PE) is the most used plastic globally. Each of us encounter polyethylene based products in our daily life. Most of the flexible packaging (films) that are used in food packaging are based on polyethylene. But PE also sees wide application in rigid packaging such as shampoo bottles, cleaning products containers and caps and closures. Many of these items end up as Post Consumer Recyclate PE (PCR-PE).

For recycling of polyethylene there is a need to modify the Melt Flow Index of the available PCR-PE streams.

Trigonox® 301 and Trigonox® 501-CS40 can repair degraded polyethylene chains by rebuilding its Molecular Weight.


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