Improving the quality and appeal of food and beverage products.

We understand the significance of maintaining the freshness and appeal of food and beverage products for consumers, which is why we offer a range of additives that are used by food companies worldwide to preserve the taste, freshness, and visual appeal of a wide variety of foods and beverages.

To preserve freshness and slow spoilage:
Solvitar™ is a highly effective chelating agent that sequesters trace metals in food in order to prevent the premature oxidation of foods and beverages. Solvitar™ increases shelf life and preserves the original taste, color, and appearance of the food. It’s widely used in canned soft drinks and juices, canned vegetables, seafood, sauces and dressings.

To modify texture, retain moisture and stabilize:
We offer a complete range of cellulose gum grades to help fine-tune your food and beverage formulations to perfection. Cellulose gums perform essential functions in food and beverages by retaining moisture, reducing fat absorption, adjusting viscosity, stabilizing proteins, and achieving the desired texture. 

Akucell® and Cekol® cellulose gums are water-soluble, cellulose-based polymers that enhance the appearance and taste of various foods, including fruit-flavored and protein beverages, bakery goods, dairy products, frozen desserts, sauces, noodles, and gluten-free and low-fat foods.


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