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We produce a range of products for applications used in the pharmaceutical industry. We work according to the highest international standards and continuously carry out product testing to ensure these standards are being met. 
Our sodium and potassium hydroxide pellets make us a reliable global partner to the pharmaceutical industry. They are used for pharmaceutical production/synthesis, saponification, cleaning and pH-adjustment.

With our organic peroxides and metalorganic catalysts we supply API's for Rx & OTC, late stage intermediates and critical reactants for cutting edge small molecule synthesis.  

Our MCA is used as essential raw material for phenoxyacetic acid, raw material for penicillin, ibuprofen, produced via the IPA-ester, and many other pharmaceutical applications. 

CEKOL® sodium carboxymethyl cellulose grades are used as excipients in pharmaceutical products (e.g. cough syrups, tablets etc.), providing desired rheology for any aqueous system, including suspensions and emulsions. Besides controlling the rheology, CEKOL® products are known for their excellent water retaining and film forming capacity. 

In pharmaceutical synthesis our metal alkyls and complex metalorganics products are especially useful in reduction, addition, alkylation and deprotonation where our reagents facilitate a wide range of transformations. Asymmetric hydride reduction of ketone (steroids), chiral addition (efavirenz) and 1,3 syn-diol formation (statins) are some of the reactions carried out with our products.

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