Nouryon introduces new Kromasil® product for pharmaceutical purification

28 Jul 2020 - News

Nouryon has introduced a new version of its Kromasil® silica-based chromatography material targeting the purification and analysis of pharmaceutical samples.

Kromasil® C18(w) is a wettable phase product that enables the purification and analysis of samples under aqueous conditions using high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). This makes it suitable for compounds such as peptides, proteins and other biomolecules, as well as food and beverage products.

“Many pharmaceutical production processes are in aqueous solutions,” said Patrick Wilhelm, Vice President of Colloidal Silica at Nouryon. “The functionality of some biomolecules, especially proteins, can be impaired when organic solvents are present. This new Kromasil version allows the purification and analysis to be completed under fully aqueous conditions.”

Use of Kromasil® C18(w) also enables customers to achieve specified purification at a lower cost compared to solvent-based HPLC. “In addition, use of an aqueous system and a silica chromatography medium is more sustainable than HPLC using organic solvents and polymer-based separation materials,” Wilhelm said.

Johan Landfors, President of Technology Solutions at Nouryon, added: “Our team works closely with customers to continually innovate and develop new applications and uses for Kromasil® that help us to grow with them. This new product is a great addition to our Kromasil line and will help the industry develop even more sustainable chromatography processes.”

Kromasil® C18(w) is available in slurry-packed columns targeted to analytical users. It is also available in bulk for industrial separations.

Click here for more information on Kromasil.


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