Butanox® world’s leading brand of methyl ethyl ketone peroxide (MEKP)

MEKP products are used for the curing of thermoset resins and coatings.

Butanox® peroxide is an essential component for curing polyester composite materials such as pipes, wind turbine blades, bridges, yachts, chemical storage tanks and many other valuable end products. Butanox® product is recognized as the best and most reliably MEKP by the world’s leading composite manufacturers and users of unsaturated polyester resins (UP).

Butanox® MEKP has a consistent high quality and guaranteed low water content and can be used across the entire range of applications and reactivities of commercially available UP and vinyl ester (VE) resins. Butanox® M-50 product is the leading MEKP in our portfolio.

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Vanishing Red - small red investment for a better profitability

Butanox M-50 VR is a colored peroxide allowing users to check the flow of the peroxide in the dosing line and initial cure within a laminate. Failures can be instantly detected and once the color disappears, you know the cure is finished.

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