Proven, effective food additives

We understand the importance of keeping food and beverage products fresh and appealing to consumers, which is why we offer several food additives that enhance and protect the appeal and appearance of food products.   

To preserve freshness and retard spoilage:

Solvitar™ is a highly effective chelating agent which sequesters trace metals in food in order to prevent the premature oxidation of foods and beverages. Solvitar™ increases shelf life and preserves the original taste, color and appearance of the food. It’s widely used in canned soft drinks and juices, canned vegetables, seafood and sauces and dressings.

To modify texture, retain moisture and stabilize:

Akucell® and Cekol® cellulose gums are water soluble cellulose based polymers that boost the appearance and appeal of many foods, including fruit-flavored and protein beverages, bakery goods, dairy, frozen desserts, sauces, noodles, gluten-free and low-fat foods, and more. Cellulose gums perform essential functions in food such as retaining moisture content, reducing fat uptake, adjusting viscosity, stabilizing proteins and achieving the desired mouthfeel. We offer a complete range of cellulose gum grades to help you finely target your perfect food formulation.


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