High-performing additives for fuels and lubricants

We produce surfactant and polymer solutions for improved engine efficiency, greater fuel economy and cleaner emissions. By designing exclusive new chemicals for our customers, we’ve helped the largest fuel and lubricant producers in the world develop and deliver successful new products and leading brands to the marketplace.

Combining our unique knowhow in creating customized synthesis of amines and polymers with our customers’ expertise, we continue to enhance the industry’s ability to formulate fuels and lubricants that meet next-generation legislation and OEM requirements.

Our solutions

Lubricant additives: Traditional amide, amine and alkoxylated amine product lines of cationic surfactants are useful as friction modifiers, corrosion inhibitors, grease thickeners, detergents, emulsifiers and coupling agents.

Fuel additives: Our surfactants can be used as demulsifiers, friction modifiers, corrosion inhibitors, ethanol ignition improvers, wax inhibitors, ash-free detergents and for pour point depression. With our additives, you can easily produce water/diesel and bio-ethanol/diesel mixed fuels. 


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