We have a profound experience of producing high-quality EHEC, MEHEC and CMC cellulose ethers

We offer reliable rheology solutions for applications to a wide range of industries such as building and construction, cleaningpaint, coatings and inks, food and beverages, personal care, mining, oilfield and paper.

EHEC and MEHEC cellulose ethers

Bermocoll® EHEC (ethyl hydroxyethyl cellulose) and MEHEC (methyl ethyl hydroxyethyl cellulose) are non-ionic cellulose ethers, manufactured by a unique, solvent-free process, ensuring you a low carbon footprint and cellulose with carefully calculated performance characteristics.

We are the only producer in the world of EHEC and MEHEC. These are manufactured using cellulose from wood or cotton linters via alkalization, ethoxylation and reaction with ethyl- and methyl-chloride.

EHEC and MEHEC can also be reacted with longer chain hydrophobes, producing hydrophobically modified cellulose, HM-(M)EHEC, used as associative thickeners.

Our Bermocoll® products are used as rheology modifiers in a variety of industrial applications to create desired performance enhancements for both drymix mortars and paints.

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