Improved performance of drymix mortar and gypsum applications

Excellent performance with Bermocoll® cellulose ethers

Our Bermocoll® cellulose ethers improve the performance of modern drymix mortars used in construction products such as tile adhesives, leveling compounds, gap fillers, repair mortars, rendering, and mortars for thermal insulation composite systems.

Depending on the end-user requirements, Bermocoll cellulose ethers provide; increased water retention, improved consistency and workability, controlled rheology to provide sag resistance, reduced segregation of different formulation ingredients, improved adhesion on porous substrates and polystyrene boards, and optimized air pore stability for improved workability. 

Efficient retarding with our Dissolvine® chelates

Rapid setting cement or gypsum as well as modern gypsum board mills can present a problem. Dissolvine chelates can be applied as an efficient retarding agent without any influence on the final strength. This gives building materials an extended use time and self leveling properties.

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