Bermocoll M 30

Product Line Cellulose ethers

Bermocoll® M 30 is a non-ionic, water soluble cellulose ether intended as a water retaining and consistency improving additive to cement based mortars. Bermocoll® M 30 contains methyl, ethyl and hydroxyethyl substituents giving a unique balance between workability and strength.

  • Brand

  • Chemical family

    Cellulose ether
  • Regional availability

  • Chemical name

    Methyl ethyl hydroxyethyl cellulose
  • Applications

    Bermocoll® M 30 is used in tile adhesives and grouts to improve the workability, consistency, water retention and adhesion.

Market Segments

Building and construction


  • Water retention,
  • Workability improvement,
  • Consistency improvement,
  • Stability improvement,
  • Rheology Modifier


  • Dry Mortar,
  • Gypsum,
  • Joint Fillers,
  • Plastering,
  • Cement,
  • Construction,
  • Tiling
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