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As the rising world population reduces the amount of arable land available for food production, the cultivation of less fertile soils has become essential. This has made the ability to deliver nutrients to crops in an efficient, environmentally safe way extremely important.

To make the most of the land we have, we must use innovative methods to preserve it. Through advanced hydroponic and fertigation techniques using specialized micronutrient fertilizers, we can save huge amounts of water and address water scarcity issues in many agricultural areas.

Micronutrients such as iron, manganese and zinc are crucial to the health of plants and crops. They help improve crop quality and generate higher yields around the world.

Our chelated micronutrient solutions are highly effective for a variety of applications, such as fertigation to soil, foliar, hydroponics, and seed coating.

Chelating agents keep metals in solution and therefore plant available. The chelating agent surrounds the metal ion — like iron, manganese or zinc — and prevents it from reacting with phosphates, carbonates or hydroxides which would cause precipitation of the metal. Plants are able to use the metals from the chelate. In this way, fewer metals need to be applied to avoid fixation and loss of micronutrients in the soil.


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Applications in agriculture

Rows of green trees with oranges hanging on branches in the front. In the back you see mountains. Our Micronutrients are essential ingredients in agricultural markets.
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