Cekol® carboxy methyl cellulose (CMC) binders for battery applications

Our Cekol® CMC enhances lithium-ion battery performance when used as a binder in anodes or for separator reinforcement.

To improve battery performance, our Cekol® CMC can be coupled with SBR latex and applied as a binder in the anode to create a strong copper collector as well as a ceramic binder to reinforce the separator and prevent dendrite penetration.



Viscosity (1%)

CEKOL® CLR 20000S*

EV Battery

1000-3000 mPa.s

CEKOL® CLR 80000S*

EV Battery

6000-10000 mPa.s

CEKOL® 30000A


1500-3500 mPa.s

CEKOL® 40000A

EV Battery

3000-5000 mPa.s

CEKOL® 168


100-500 mPa.s

*low insolubility resulting in superior film formation


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