What if...? A brief look at this history of our expandable microspheres

It was sometime in the mid-70s when a very important research collaboration occurred. An idea was sparked when the question came about. What if tiny particles could expand up to 60 times their original size without increasing in weight? The rest, as they say, is history. Today, we are a world leader in expandable thermoplastic microspheres that’s used in products all over the globe.

Below are our most important milestones.

In September, the first order of Expancel® Microspheres is shipped.

Our first office for the Expancel® Microspheres business in the USA is established and is later followed by a production unit.

High temperature microspheres launches on the market.

Akzo and Nobel Industries, where Expancel® Microspheres was a part, merge to form AkzoNobel.

Fourth generation of Expancel® Microspheres is introduced on the market.

Start-up of Expancel® Microspheres production in China.

We introduce our food packaging products.

Expanded production plant for Expancel® Microspheres in Sundsvall, Sweden opens.

Opening of a sales office in Japan.

Production of Expancel® Microspheres starts in Brazil.

Expancel® Microspheres approved by the US FDA for use in wine corks.

The Carlyle Group and GIC acquire AkzoNobel Specialty Chemicals, where Expancel® Microspheres was a part, and relaunches the company as Nouryon.

Nouryon, the Nouryon logo, and Expancel® Microspheres are registered and/or owned trademarks of Nouryon

Expancel® is a registered trademark of Nouryon in a number of territories worldwide.

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