More than 100 years of experience

Nouryon started its production of Eka® pellets as early as 1904, at the Bengtsfors plant in Sweden. In 1924,the plant was moved to Bohus, where it still remains.

Did you know?

Over the years, alkali has been manufactured in many different forms:

  • Pellets manufactured from 1904 to the present day. In the 1960's, the output was around 1 ton per shift. Today, more than 10 tons are made every day.
  • Powder was manufactured between 1904 and the 1970's. At times, powder was made by the grinding of flakes. This was the worst possible job in the plant. Staff members used to cover themselves up in whatever was at hand in order to escape the dust.
  • Flakes manufactured between the 1930's and the middle of the 80's.
  • Bars manufactured between the 30's and 70's. Long iron plates with crescent-shaped cut-outs were used. Two plates were put together, and the space was filled with alkaline melt. Once this had solidified the plates were removed manually, and the bars (shaped like christmas candles) were collected in boxes and sent away to be packed in glass jars. Every glass jar contained one pound. Under ideal circumstances, around 126 kg (277 pounds) were made in a single shift (8 hours).

Say what? Yes - there are some odd uses for our products such as

  • Dehorning of cattle - the bars were used for this in the US and Denmark
  • Salt sticks - to create the glossy surface, alkali is used to attain the proper pH value (i.e., it is not present in the final product).

Fun facts - We have had some truly colorful characters in our workforce

Mr. Hilmersson - who worked in the packaging hall - worked with a phenomenal tempo at 1000 units a day! Manually, he packed pellets from the assembly line into kegs holding 50 kg each and sealed these. It is doubtful whether anyone else could have managed even half of this.

black and white photo of the barrel production  workshop from 1927
In 1927 the production of barrels started up on the premises to meet the increasing demand.

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