Open Innovation terms and conditions

To protect our mutual interests, the terms and conditions below apply to your submission.

We recognize that you will have concerns about protecting your intellectual property. That is why you should not submit to us any confidential information. If you cannot submit your idea without disclosing confidential information, you should contact us separately at the below mentioned e-mail address. You should consider consulting a lawyer and/or filing a patent application before submitting your idea to us.

Your submission, and the information contained in it, will be received by us only on a non-confidential basis. You agree that we will have the right to use the information free of charge as we see fit and to disclose it to affiliates and third parties for full use and disclosure as they see fit.

You warrant that you have the right to disclose the information to us, that the disclosure does not breach any contract or obligation between you and a third party and that, to the best of your information, possession or use of the information by us or any of our affiliates does not misappropriate or infringe any intellectual property rights of others.

You indemnify us and our affiliates for any damages in connection with any claim for misappropriation or infringement resulting from our possession or use of the information submitted by you or the possession or use thereof by any of our affiliates.

Following your submission, we may ask you to provide further information or enter into discussions with us. At that stage, we may ask you to enter into a confidentiality agreement with us to protect our mutual interests if it is foreseen that confidential information will be disclosed. If at any time you feel you are asked to disclose confidential information and no confidentiality agreement has been entered into, you should raise this with us, prior to disclosing the confidential information. If you do not raise this with us prior to disclosure, the information will be non-confidential and we may treat it as such.

You agree that we may process your personal data for the purpose of assessing your submission and contacting you and that we may share the personal data with our affiliates for that same purpose.

We respect your privacy.

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