Nouryon Legal Entities

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Nouryon Chemicals B.V.
Haaksbergweg 88
1101 BZ Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Last updated: 6th of April 2021

Legal entity name Country Reg nr Statutory seat
Nouryon Chemicals Argentina S.A.U. Argentina 18.199 Book 86 IGJ Buenos Aires
Nouryon Chemicals Australia Pty Ltd Australia 64 621 806 273 New South Wales
Nouryon Chemicals NV/SA Belgium 415916895 Mons
Nouryon Pulp and Performance Industria Química Bahia Ltda Brazil CNPJ 05.869.996/0001-90 Eunápolis
Nouryon Pulp and Performance Industria Química Ltda. Brazil CNPJ 43.818.418/0001-13 Jundiai
Nouryon Chemicals Ltd Canada 030880-3-R Toronto
Nouryon Pulp and Performance Canada Inc. Canada 270265-7 Magog
Eka Chile SA Chile 21061 folio 25899 year 2002 Santiago
Nouryon Chemicals Chile Limitada Chile fs 2072 no 1711 Santiago
Nouryon Functional Chemicals S.A. Chile 76023550-4 Santiago
Eka Chemicals Chile SpA Chile 6813 fol.11772 year 1983 Santiago
Tianjin Nouryon Peroxides Co. Ltd. China 120000400066192 Tianjin
Nouryon New Material (Suzhou) Co. Ltd China 320594400001435 Suzhou
Nouryon Chemicals MCA (Taixing) Co. Ltd. China 321200400001398 Taixing
Tianjin Nouryon Chemicals Co. Ltd. China 120000400066192 Tianjin
Nouryon Chemicals (Guangzhou) Co. Ltd China 91440116783762879C Guangzhou
Nouryon Chemicals (Ningbo) Co. Ltd China 330200400016260 Ningbo
China RFD Investment Limited China 1362748 Hong Kong
Nouryon Chemicals (BoXing) Co., Ltd. China 3716004000006010000 Binzhou
Nouryon Business Consulting (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. China 91310115MA1K4AXN42 Shanghai
Nouryon Chemicals (Jiaxing) Co., Ltd. China   Jiaxing
Dansk Salt A/S Denmark 17030744 Mariager
Maricogen A/S Denmark 242526 Mariager
Mariager Salt Specialties A/S Denmark 41950420 Mariager
Nouryon Finland Oy Finland 683848 Helsinki
Nouryon Chemicals Finland Oy Finland 1636949-4 Helsinki
Nouryon Chemicals France SAS France 832 906 770 Bordeaux
Pontimmo Sarl France 411364318 Montataire
Nouryon Pulp and Performance Chemicals SAS France 454200882 Ambes
Nouryon Industrial Chemicals GmbH Germany DE 125498871 Ibbenburen
Nouryon Chemicals GmbH Germany HRB 63 Düren
Carbosulf Chemische Werke GmbH Germany HRB 1797 Köln
Nouryon Functional Chemicals GmbH Germany HRB 508204 Greiz
Nouryon Faser Pensionsverwaltungs-GmbH Germany HRB 9795 Wuppertal
CF Carbons GmbH Germany HRB 92599 Frankfurt am Main
Neolyse Ibbenbüren GmbH Germany HRB 10970 Ibbenbüren
Nouryon Chemicals Pensions GmbH Germany HRB 28629 Wuppertal
Nouryon Germany Holding GmbH Germany HRB 7887 Düren
Nouryon Germany GmbH Germany HRB 7888 Düren
ANAVEN LLP India 24ABIFA6635L1Z8  
Nouryon Chemicals India Private Limited India U24100PN2018PTC174373 Pune
Nouryon Chemicals S.P.A. Italy Milano 1222194 Milano
Kayaku Nouryon Corporation Japan 0100-01-013790 Tokyo
Denak Co., Ltd. Japan 0100-01-023631 Tokyo
Nouryon Japan K.K. Japan 0100-01-071120 Tokyo
Nouryon Chemicals S.A. de C.V. Mexico 3464 Mexico DF
Delesto B.V. Netherlands 2324488 Amsterdam
EKA Chemicals Chile B.V. Netherlands 31039448 Amsterdam
Nouryon Chemicals B.V. Netherlands 31038214 Amsterdam
Financieringsmij Konam B.V. Netherlands 6036968 Amsterdam
Bergerode B.V. Netherlands 31019274 Amsterdam
Nouryon Chemicals International B.V. Netherlands 31038222 Amsterdam
Handelmaatschappij Buya B.V. Netherlands 9006534 Amsterdam
Delamine B.V. Netherlands 2321186 Delfzijl
Nouryon Salt B.V. Netherlands 32071004 Amsterdam
Nouryon Energy B.V. Netherlands 32071908 Amsterdam
Nouryon Functional Chemicals B.V. Netherlands 32073867 Amsterdam
Nouryon Industrial Chemicals B.V. Netherlands 32074604 Amsterdam
Nouryon Pulp and Paper Chemicals B.V. Netherlands 9180839 Amsterdam
Nouryon Chemicals Holding B.V. Netherlands 69200386 Amsterdam
Nouryon Chemicals Finance B.V. Netherlands 69282544 Amsterdam
Nouryon Coöperatief U.A. Netherlands 71189424 Amsterdam
Nouryon Holding B.V. Netherlands 71190643 Amsterdam
Nouryon Finance B.V. Netherlands 71194339 Amsterdam
Nouryon Germany Holding B.V. Netherlands 71196447 Amsterdam
Hengelo Salt Specialties B.V. Netherlands 80804195 Amsterdam
HyCC B.V. Netherlands 81092768 Amersfoort
Nouryon Performance Formulations B.V. Netherlands 81204116 Amsterdam
Nobian Industrial Chemicals Holding B.V. Netherlands 81203365 Amsterdam
Nouryon Specialty Chemicals B.V. Netherlands 81195664 Amsterdam
Nouryon Pulp and Performance Chemicals Norway AS Norway 964102651 Rjukan
OOO "Nouryon" Russian Federation   Moscow
Nouryon Asia Pte. Ltd. Singapore 199904329H Singapore
Nouryon Surface Chemistry Pte. Ltd. Singapore 197902029C Singapore
Nouryon Chemicals SA Spain T2659,F173,H28306 Barcelona
Sal Vesta Iberia S.L. Spain Volume 44997, Folio 74, Sheet B-473702 Barcelona
Ahus Stuveriintressenter AB Sweden 556039-8256 Ahus
Nouryon International Aktiebolag Sweden 556000-1629 Ale
GANSCA Deponi Aktiebolag Sweden 556431-3772 Sundsvall
Fastighets AB Hammarö Vidön Sweden 556808-1607 Ale
Nouryon Pulp and Performance Chemicals AB Sweden 556022 9972 Ale
Bygglim Sverige AB Sweden 5560261876 Ale
Nouryon Functional Chemicals AB Sweden 556234-9398 V Götalands län
Anholmen Fastighets AB Sweden 556235-2418 Ale
KemaNord Kraft Aktiebolag Sweden 556013-1715 Ale
Nouryon AB Sweden 556416-0967 Ale
Etenförsörjning i Stenungsund AB Sweden 556258-6536 Stenungsund
Nouryon Sweden Holding AB Sweden 559138-5405 Ale
Marieholm Salt Specialties AB Sweden 559278-2741 Gothenborg
Nouryon Surface Chemistry AB Sweden 556013-8983 Stenungsund
Nouryon Pulp and Performance Chemicals (Taiwan) Co., Ltd Taiwan 22723682 Taichung
Nouryon Chemicals (Thailand) Limited Thailand    
Nouryon Kimya Ticaret Limited Şirketi Turkey 107229-5 Erenkoy
Filtrol Corporation U.S.A. 95-0733040 Delaware
Nouryon Functional Chemicals LLC U.S.A. 36-4323457 Wilmington
Nouryon Surface Chemistry LLC U.S.A. 36-4323269 Wilmington
Fort Amanda Specialties LLC U.S.A. 3744282 Wilmington
Nouryon Salt LLC U.S.A. 6000444441 New Jersey
Nouryon US Holding 1 Inc. U.S.A. 83-1534656 Wilmington
Nouryon US Holding 2 Inc. U.S.A. 83-1879884 Wilmington
Nouryon US Holding 3 Inc. U.S.A. 83-1896869 Wilmington
Nouryon US Holding 4 Inc. U.S.A. 83-1897181 Wilmington
Nouryon US Holding 5 Inc. U.S.A. 83-1924599 Wilmington
Nouryon US Holding 6 Inc. U.S.A. 83-1924726 Wilmington
Nouryon US Holding 7 Inc. U.S.A. 83-2003711 Wilmington
Nouryon US Holding 8 Inc. U.S.A. 83-2029053 Wilmington
Nouryon US Holding 9 Inc. U.S.A. 83-2029150 Wilmington
Nouryon USA LLC U.S.A. 83-1197135 Wilmington
Nouryon Chemicals LLC U.S.A. 83-1197135 Wilmington
Nouryon Pulp and Performance Chemicals LLC U.S.A. 83-1197135 Wilmington
Nouryon Middle East FZE United Arab Emirates 1524 Dubai
Nouryon Chemicals Limited United Kingdom 1377820 London
Nouryon Pulp and Performance Chemicals (AC) Limited United Kingdom 3384260 Congresbury
The Particol Partnership United Kingdom   Congresbury
Nouryon Pulp and Performance Chemicals Limited United Kingdom 1934005 Congresbury
Nouryon Finance 1 Ltd. United Kingdom 11584509 London
Nouryon Finance 2 Ltd. United Kingdom 11584593 London


A global specialty chemicals leader.

Markets and consumers worldwide rely on our essential solutions to manufacture everyday products, such as personal care, cleaning goods, paints and coatings, agriculture and food, pharmaceuticals, and building products. Furthermore, the dedication of more than 7,900 employees with a shared commitment to our customers, business growth, safety, sustainability and innovation has resulted in a consistently strong financial performance. We operate in over 80 countries around the world with a portfolio of industry-leading brands.