High-performing liquid dispersant

Agrilan 1015 is a biodegradable, low color dispersant for aqueous crop protection formulations, offering a unique patent-protected technology with tapered hydrophobic linking between the hydrophobic and hydrophilic moiety.


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Key Benefits

Biodegradable and not persistent, addressing concerns regarding bio accumulative dispersants

No risk or classified ingredients

Emulsifying and wetting agent for water-based formulations

Additional Information


  • TSCA and FIFRA listing under consideration
  • Meets REACH polymer exemption
  • Listed in China and Japanese Chemical Inventory



  • Biodegradability of Agrilan 1015 as well as a competitor
    product based on Ethoxylated TSP-phosphate ester were evaluated
  • Agrilan 1015 was designated as biodegradable and not

Agrilan 1015 Featured in AgroPages

Nouryon experts provide a detailed overview of the new biodegradable dispersant for crop protection formulations in this article, which will be published in AgroPages '2020 Formulation & Adjuvant Technology' magazine in May 2020.

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