We have a tradition of offering best-in-class formulation aids and adjuvants.

We offer the unique formulation expertise, complete portfolio of proven solutions and superior global supply chain to meet seasonal crop protection demand. Partner with us to work together for a sustainable future, while boosting productivity and yields.

Formulation aids

Agrochemical formulations are often complex mixtures with multiple modes of action. Whether a dry or liquid formulation, it is crucial to use formulation aids that enable sustainable and stable formulation developments.

Morwet® Naphthalene sulfonates are a range of dispersants with best-in-class performance and value in use. Agrilan® is our newest family member designed to solve your most complex challenges in suspension concentrates and granular formulations. Our Berol® and Sponto® emulsifier blends (nonionic/anionic) are provided with recipes to speed up the development of your products. Our Armid® products offer green solvents and co-solvents that will increase the solubility of the active ingredient and avoid crystallization when diluted or used at low temperatures.


How do you combine increased productivity with the ambition to do more with less? This tough challenge can be met with optimized adjuvants. Adjuvants play an important part in improving efficiency and reducing loss of crop-protection agents in the field.

With our world-class nitrile technology and ethoxylation capabilities, we have become a major supplier of adjuvants to the glyphosate industry. Today, our Adsee™ product portfolio contains a variety of solutions to increase bio-efficacy of herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and other products to improve retention and rain fastness as well as reducing drift.


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Agrilan®, Armid®, Berol®, Morwet® and Sponto® are registered trademarks of Nouryon in several countries worldwide. Adsee™ is a trademark of Nouryon.

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