Expancel Microspheres are especially suitable in crack fillers for repairing small holes and cracks and for large areas with shallow fillings

It can also be used to repair hair cracks, tape joints, nail holes and other moderately rough surfaces. Low density crack fillers are popular because of their easy handling and their good filling capability.

Main benefits

  • With Expancel microspheres in the crack filler you will have no problems with pinholes, which is common with for example glass spheres.
  • A creamy butterlike consistency makes the crack filler easy to spread.
  • Superior sandability.
  • Crack fillers with Expancel are sprayable as the microspheres are resilient and can stand high pressure without being damaged. The microspheres regain their density after spraying while rigid lightweight microspheres run the risk of losing their volume. Expancel Microspheres minimize the wear on tools when spraying in comparison with inorganic fillers.
  • No eye or skin irritation. The dust from sanding contains broken microspheres without sharp edges. Broken inorganic microspheres,
    such as glass or ceramic, may cause eye and skin irritaiton.

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