A vegetable-based narrow range ethoxylate for household cleaning

Our dedicated cleaning team is always focused on developing new, advanced technologies to help formulators create new products to delight consumers. As a result, we are introducing Berol 366: a new, unique narrow-range ethoxylate surfactant for use in high-performance household cleaning solutions. Berol 366 is vegetable-based and RSPO-certified to address the consumer demand for more environmentally benign products without sacrificing the technical and environmental performance customers expect.

Berol 366 in Action: Key Benefits

  • Offers proven, efficient cleaning performance coupled with better handling characteristics versus standard ethoxylates in household and I+I applications
  • Performs on par with synthetic NRE’s while providing secondary consumer/regulatory advantages – low odor, low viscosity, and RSPO-certified
  • Gives formulators a novel choice when formulating green cleaning products
  • Helps answer the consumer desire for more sustainable cleaning
  • Can be incorporated into formulations that can achieve third party sustainability recognition, such as EU Ecolabel


Download the technical bulletin.

A hand with an orange glove wiping down the interior of an oven

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