Strong, sustainable solutions for cleaning formulations

Cleaning products suppliers and manufacturers continue to face the challenge of developing formulations that are safer for people and the environment. A key challenge is finding replacements for phosphates. Green chelating agents, also known as chelants or sequestering agents, offer effective, sustainable alternatives.

Hard water contains high levels of metal ions such as calcium and magnesium, which have a powerful influence on chemical processes and the performance of many products. Removing metal ions is therefore a key part of many industrial and domestic processes that use water. For example, if these ions are not removed from your dishwasher, insoluble deposits build up inside the machine and on surfaces leading to dirtier dishes.

For many years, metal ions were removed by adding phosphates to detergents. However, the phosphorus in phosphates acts as a nutrient in the environment, and the deposition of large quantities of phosphate in lakes and waterways induces excessive growth of plants and algae (known as eutrophication). This excessive growth depletes oxygen and endangers other aquatic life. As a result, phosphates have been phased out around the world.

High-performing, biodegradable phosphate alternatives 

Nouryon's Dissolvine® GL (GLDA) and Dissolvine® M (MGDA) green chelating agents are the best replacements for phosphates in most cleaning applications and they outperform alternatives like citrates, gluconates, and zeolites because they form stronger bonds with metal ions. 
Dissolvine GL and Dissolvine M combine excellent performance with a superior ecological profile, since they are readily biodegradable and largely biobased. Dissolvine GL is the eco-friendliest and strong chelating agent in our range and is ideal for liquid applications because of its very high solubility.


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The life cycle of green chelating agents



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Green Chelating Agents

Our green chelating agents are designed to enhance the performance of auto-dishwasher and laundry detergents, household cleaners, and Industrial & Institutional cleaning products. Contact us today at to request our chelates brochures and product guide.

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