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To address consumers’ ever-growing need for effective, instant anti-aging beauty products, we are introducing Flexan® II polymer for skin care formulations. Flexan® II polymer forms a film that quickly lifts and tightens the skin, minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in anti-aging formulations.

Global market research firm Mintel reports that 25% of new facial skin care products launched in the past two years were high-end/luxury products. Efficacy is still the main motivation for consumers when choosing which high-end skin care product to buy. According to Mintel data, nearly 60% of consumers purchase high-end skin care products for their anti-aging properties, such as "skin tightening" (63%), "antioxidant" (60%) and other anti-aging effects.

The anti-aging solutions consumers seek are not limited to traditional topical creams. Non-surgical aesthetic treatments that deliver immediate, “rescue” effects, without complex surgery, are also in high demand. That’s why anti-aging aesthetic treatments such as Thermage, ThermoLift, and Ultrasound knife have gained popularity in recent years. To enable formulators to address consumers' need for effective, instant anti-aging beauty products, we are introducing Flexan® II for skin care applications.

Flexan® II polymer

Delivering solutions for skin care’s greatest challenges

Also called the "cream-type Thermage," Flexan® II forms a film to quickly lift and tighten the skin, minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Flexan® II's immediate tightening, lifting effects help skin care formulations deliver instant rejuvenation, so consumers can look fresh and presentable ahead of important events.

Formulators can leverage the tightening and firming properties of Flexan® II to provide an 'invisible facial corset' for consumers with a daily dose of the anti-aging treatment. Flexan® II polymer works effectively with popular active ingredients, such as peptides and hyaluronic acid. We believe the element of "physical control" delivered by Flexan® II will help to enhance the long-term results of anti-aging formulations and deliver youthful results to consumers.

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