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The global pandemic has affected almost every industry, and the beauty industry has not been spared. With the implementation of social distancing and safety measures, such as wearing a face mask outdoors, consumers’ normal beauty needs take a backseat while the professional beauty industry is forced to renew priorities.

While colour cosmetics and hair styling products are categories that have been most severely affected by Covid-19, demand for home use skincare and beauty care products has boomed.

As a result, many brands have promptly pivoted product design and marketing towards DIY facial / skincare solutions. Even before the Covid outbreak, consumers were already increasingly being exposed to solutions that claim to deliver pro-level results at home. As we emerge slowly from lockdown, this new priority could become a ‘new normal’ for consumers.

It is therefore appropriate to revisit some of the innovation trends for facial skincare as first reported in Mintel’s “A Year of Innovation Skincare-2019”.

You will find a summary of the highlights below:

1. Eco beauty – recognizing that the earth is being burdened by excessive waste and is facing scarcity in precious resources such as clean water, formulators are shifting to upcycled, waterless and water alternative ingredients for new product launches.

Consumers are also increasingly interested in products that come in minimal plastic packaging. As a result, packaging modifications are being introduced in the form of pack free solid formats and glass vessels.

2. Natural beauty – appealing to consumers’ growing interest for natural products, ingredients with 100% Natural claims have become highly relevant. Included in this category are trending ingredients such as fermented natural products, which offer consumers a holistic user experience.

3. Clean beauty – refers to products that are ‘pure and natural’ and free of additives, potential irritants and endocrine disruptors.

4. Simple beauty – recognizes consumers’ growing interest in simpler skincare routines and convenient, easy-to-use product formats. These needs drive new product launches with attributes such as multi-purpose function, portability and versatility.

5. Inside-out beauty – taps into versatile products that work as supplements or topical treatments and address the overall well-being of the user to support graceful and positive ageing.

Specifically, in Asia, consumers are interested in solutions that can address problems associated with dry skin, enlarged pores.

At Nouryon, our Home and Personal Care business has the essential ingredients to deliver the right solutions for these concerns.

To showcase the relevance of our essential ingredients, we have assembled a series of skincare formulations to address the two main concerns (hydration and pore care) for consumers in Asia Pacific:

1. Superboost Cleansing Serum – a concentrated cleansing formulation that is designed to be gentle on skin and better for planet. This formulation features our readily biodegradable essential ingredients to deliver a super hydrated luxurious cleansing experience.

2. Mix It Till You Make It – a natural based beauty moisturizer that can be combined in various proportions to make a customized skin care treatment ranging from a light hydrating lotion to a rich moisturizing cream.

3. Rapid Quench Facial Mist – a convenient formulation that can be used as a hydrator, toner and light moisturizer all in one, effectively enhancing moisture retention on the skin. The refreshing spray features Hydrovance, our high-efficacy moisturizing agent that hydrates and improve the skin’s elasticity without leaving a sticky after feel.

4. Bouncy Moisturizing Cream – supercharges the complexion with intense hydration. The cream features Hydrovance, which helps it achieve lasting hydration for glowing, super-plump skin, as well as Balance RCFg and Structure Solanace, which help create the pleasing, bouncy, pudding-like texture.

5. Instant Lift Hydrating Mask - a sheet mask that is soaked with a serum formulation that visibly tightens and reduces the appearance of pores and fine lines. Hydrovance attracts hydration while Flexan II is the key ingredient to encourage a lifted look. This is a firm favourite among skincare savvy consumers.

6. Bare Skin Perfection BB Cream - a complexion correcting cream that provides coverage to conceal imperfections and minimize the appearance of pores. Formulated with Nouryon's distinctive Dry-Flo PC to improve aesthetics and adsorb excess oil from the skin, it delivers a seamlessly soft and smooth appearance. The addition of Structure Solanace provides effective co-emulsification for a stable product.

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