Carbomer-powered Hydrovance® Xtend

Across the Asia Pacific region, skincare is gaining traction more rapidly than any other beauty industry segment. This is because skincare occupies a niche amid varied consumer demands and trends. These include the consumers’ demand for health-boosting self-care products, their interest in regimens and routines, and their ability and desire to use social media to educate and empower themselves. Moreover, ingredients, texture and format play a key role in beauty products, to deliver aesthetic pleasure, efficacy and a sensory experience. Amid this pandemic, consumers are keen on the active ingredients used in the products for a meaningful rejuvenation of their skin. So, what is Nouryon up to for the ever-demanding customers? The answer is a new Hydrovance version.

Carbomer-compatible Hydrovance® Xtend

Nouryon’s Hydrovance® Xtend,an upgraded version of Hydrovance, is now showing better compatibility with Carbomer, resulting in firm end products. Access to a wide range of carbomer-based formulations brings benefits like thickening consistency, product binding, and improved texture.

With carbomer formulations, viscosity fluctuations in facial sheet masks will remain intact and facial sheet masks will remain consistently stable.  They will eliminate viscosity decrease over time.



Better Dosage Reliability

Hydrovance Xtend will now have enhanced compatibility with Carbomer , this will enable formulation ease to achieve stable end formulation. This will give us access to a wider range of carbomer based formulations , an exciting outcome for us to reach out to carbomer’s advantage such as thickening of consistency ,preventing separation in products and improving the texture of products.

For facial sheet mask, viscosity fluctuations will be overcome in Carbomer formulations. Such formulations typically incorporate a higher dosage of 8-20% moisturizing agent without the need of shifting away from Carbomer or the addition of buffer solutions.


Premium Skin Care Solutions

Since Hydrovance® Xtend-is a premium skin care product, its compatibility with carbomer will allow it to diversify into concentrated serum applications.

It adds long-lasting hydration to Stratum Corneum and extends sensory attributes without causing tackiness, enhancing the original Hydrovance characteristics. 


It's the Hydration Hero - Highly effective moisturization that delivers long-lasting hydration

The Sensory Hero – This innovative formulating technology enables formulation at a high dosage without sticky after-feel.  

Helps Achieve Formulation Versatility – With improved carbomer compatibility and pH stability

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