Nouryon develops Perkadox® PM-W75 product for the upcycling of plastic

We have invented and patented a new technology in which an organic peroxide is used in mechanical recycling to restore some of the key properties of the recycled propylene, so that it is comparable to the virgin polymer. This is a real example of plastic upcycling since the recycled polypropylene can be reused in the same high-end applications it was used for in its previous life.

The polymer industry is living through a paradigm-shift where the traditional linear economy from crude to waste is transforming into a circular economy where waste is the resource. We are playing a key role in this transformation with its reactive chemistry knowledge.

Most of the properties of recycled plastics in particular recycled plastics from post-consumer waste (PCR), are inferior to virgin material. Compared to virgin polypropylene (PP), recycled PP has for instance poorer mechanical properties, due to exposure to UV and sunlight during the PP article's use and lifetime.

The modification of recycled PP with organic peroxides to tune its molecular properties is well-known to mechanical recyclers, but our scientists have been pushing the boundaries to develop a product that can restore the properties of recycled PP.

We have invented and patented a new technology in which an organic peroxide is used in the reactive extrusion of PP to increase its molecular weight. By using small amounts of the organic peroxide Perkadox® PM-W75, the melt-flow properties (Melt Flow Index – MFI) can be restored to the ones of the virgin PP, increasing the melt strength and elasticity of the polymer and making it suitable for production of high-end quality items.

Perkadox® PM-W75 is a key product for the mechanical recycling market in order to achieve the holy grail of circular plastics.

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