Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Leo Nijhof, Global Technical Development Manager – Crosslinking Peroxides & Polymer Additives will be giving a presentation with the title "Crosslinking Peroxides for Silicone Elastomers".

Peroxide crosslinking of high temperature vulcanization (HTV) silicone rubber compounds can be carried out with a variety of organic peroxides. As the product range of organic peroxides and silicone rubbers is broad, it does lead to a multitude of possibilities to fulfill process and final market requirements. Unfortunately, the wide choice of products can potentially cause some confusion due to poor understanding of the curative. As a result, to facilitate selection of the correct organic peroxide, details of general purpose and vinyl specific peroxides will be highlighted in the presentation. In addition, characteristics of the most important organic peroxides used to produce silicone rubber articles, will be highlighted, and special attention will be given to a halogen-free general purpose peroxide.

With this presentation the chemistry behind the cure process is explained in more detail. The importance of vinyl-units, playing an important role in the “addition cure process” of silicone rubbers, will also be shown and commented upon.

See you at the summit!

More about the summit can be found here.

    • Amsterdam
    • the Netherlands

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