This year, Nouryon's Bohus site in Sweden turns 100 years old.

The operations in Bohus have a long history and today 270 employees work at the site helping to innovate and deliver essential solutions to customers around the world. From just an idea driven by pioneers in the electrochemical industry, it is today a high-tech workplace that in addition to the production of specialty chemicals, houses a global innovation and application center.

In 1924, Elektrokemiska Aktiebolaget moved its operations from Bengtsfors to Bohus in Sweden. This marks a major establishment of the chemical manufacturing in Bohus. The earliest heritage of the company is attributed to three founders, Alfred Nobel, Carl W. Collander and the inventor Rudolf Lilljeqvist.

Today, specialty chemicals used in the pulp and paper, pharmaceuticals, electronics, and the paint and coatings industries are manufactured here.

Four high-demand products are manufactured at the Bohus site:

  • Levasil® colloidal silica, which is sold to several different industries and used in manufacturing processes, such as in the electronics industry, where it is used as an abrasive for polishing silicon wafers, semiconductor components, hard disks and more. In the paint and coatings industry, these products are used to provide better scratch resistance, increased adhesion, and shorter drying time.
  • Eka® Pellets, which is a chemically pure alkali used primarily for pH adjustment used in the manufacture of products with high-purity requirements, such as laboratory equipment and electronics.
  • Kromasil® chromatography, which is a separation product mainly for the pharmaceutical industry and is used to purify pharmaceutical substances, for example in the production of insulin.
  • Eka® hydrogen peroxide is used for environmentally friendly bleaching of pulp, and in batteries, in addition to applications in the mining, cleaning, and water treatment industries.

"We are proud of our 200 employees that work in production and 70 employees in research and development at our Bohus site. We strive to be an attractive workplace where we make safety, health, and the environment a priority. We value our cooperation with the Ale municipality and are happy to be able to partner with them for long-term and sustainable development in the region, together with our other partners including customers,” said Markus Dimberg, Site Director at Nouryon in Bohus.

Demand for hydrogen peroxide is high and growing, driven in part by new production facilities for lithium batteries. Nouryon is a leading supplier of hydrogen peroxide in the Nordic region with three production facilities: Bohus and Alby in Sweden and Rjukan in Norway. Nouryon's technology is unique and used worldwide, and the manufacturing facility in Rjukan, Norway, is controlled remotely from Bohus.

"With 100 years of experience behind us, and a passion for high-tech manufacturing and environmentally conscious innovation, we look forward to continuing to innovate and manufacture essential solutions for everyday products from Bohus," continued Dimberg.


Historic photography from site Bohus 1920's and 1930's representing our 100 years of experience and passion for innovation

Nouryon - Leveraging nearly 400 years of experience

Train leaving site 1920's

Our heritage

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