Our success has been built on partnerships, and now that we’re Nouryon, we’re putting even greater focus on meeting our customers’ needs and working with our partners to create value and mutual growth.

Features - March 2019

One such partner is Invert Robotics, a winner from our 2018 Imagine Chemistry challenge.

Invert Robotics provides non-destructive inspection services using state-of-the-art mobile climbing robots. Their robots enable precise and accurate remote inspections of surfaces which are difficult or dangerous for humans to access, such as tanks used to store hazardous chemicals. By enabling inspectors to stay out of these kinds of confined spaces, they are helping make inspections safer.

In the video below, we talk to Robert Mandjes, Chief Operations Officer of Invert Robotics, about the important work their company does, what they thought about Imagine Chemistry’s unique approach to open innovation, and their experience of working with Nouryon as a partner thus far.

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